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3: 名無しさん@涙目です。(茨城県) [US] 2018/01/25(木) 22:52:20.17 ID:u7+aw+Sl0 BE:998648545-2BP(1000)
Our new employee's desk Snoo hard at work already programming the best porn features
Teaching the devs what's up Snoo is so skilled. Already teaching the devs how to code better!
Me and Snoo on our lunch break Romantic date for 2 for lunch. Snoo got a bit tipsy.
A foosball break Snoo got tired of programming and wanted to play some foosball.
More games Then Snoo insisted on pool..
And more.. Snoo didn't want to work anymore..
Then I caught Snoo watching porn on the job Strictly forbidden.. Snoo was caught watching porn
Snoo got excited. Snoo loves Mia Khalifa
Then Snoo coerced other employees for "favors" I caught Snoo in the closet with another girl..
The worst Then I caught Snoo with a guy.

Snoo was fired.